Our Team

Due to the sensitive nature of our business we maintain our non-public clients, employees, partners, suppliers and stakeholders in strict confidence - disclosed only under NDA.

Our Executive Team includes:

  • A former CEO of an NYSE publicly traded company
  • An executive experienced with F500 Directorship and CEOs
  • A former District Attorney with commercial experience
  • A former 15-year veteran of the intelligence community
  • An NACD Full Board Member, DHS certified in Cyber Counterterrorism and Defense


Our Cyber Response Team includes:

  • Experienced DHS US CERT team members via our Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
  • Experienced CxOs, certified in Cyber Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Experienced Esquires, in civil and criminal law certified in Cyber ERM
  • Experienced Directors, certified as NACD Full Board Members and Faculty
  • Experienced CISOs, DHS certified in Cyber Counter Terrorism & Defense
  • Experienced Project Managers, certified in Six Sigma, ITIL and/or NIST experience
  • Experienced Cyber-warfare and cyber counter-intelligence specialists
  • Experienced Government and Private sector members
  • See Our Clients (non-confidential) public contracts