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European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR

What you don't know about data, how it functions in cyberspace and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), can hurt you.  On May 1, 2018, if you are processing any indicators of compromise including i.p. addresses that originate from the EU, whether you do business in the EU or not, this affects you.   Fines do apply (see Morrison & Foerster, LLP review, and DLA Piper LLP Review).  Here are some quotes from the DLA Piper Review, "...Compared to the current Directive, GDPR will capture many more overseas organisations. US tech should particularly take note as the provisions of GDPR have clearly been designed to capture them....Overseas organisations not established within the EU who are nevertheless caught by one or both of the offering goods or services or monitoring tests must designate a representative within the EU (Article 27)...GDPR is not a legal and compliance challenge - it is much broader than that, requiring organisations to completely transform the way that they collect, process, securely store, share and securely wipe personal data. Engagement of senior management and forming the right team is key to successful GDPR readiness…"Suppliers (processors) caught too.."  The legal requirement is only half the battle, risk mitigation experience in processing data is now paramount.  Axon Provides a safe haven from these requirements.   If you are interested send a request to: .

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