2021 October 06, Washington, D.C.

Axon Global executive leadership team recertifies as National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Board Leadership Fellows. The recertification is integrated into NACD’s annual conference, October 1-8th, 2021, which provides intensive training regarding board service and an opportunity to participate in information exchange with the world’s leading directors, experts, and top CEOs from the Fortune 500. NACD is the Largest, Most Influential Forum for Board Members to Connect, Learn & Be Inspired. Attendees included Israel Martinez, CEO of Axon Global; Dr. Richard Schroth, Director of Axon Global; Samuel Di Piazza, Audit Committee Director of AT&T, Sara Mathew, Director at State Street, Drop Box; David Marriott, Director of Marriott; Carol Tomé, CEO of UPS, Commissioner Elad Roisman, Former Acting Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; Anisa Costa, Chief Sustainability Officer of Tiffany & Co.; and Lucy Fato, EVP and General Counsel for AIG. NACD is the premier association and certification body for board members.