2021 March 31, Washington, D.C.

Axon Global launches Proactive Defense in a Box (PDB©) for executives working remotely. PDB© is the natural evolution of years of experience and legal canonization of Axon’s Forward Defense and Preemptive risk management as a service v2.0. Over the years Axon Global has been recognized as a leader in its field by NACD, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Secret Service for its innovative work in Cyber Enterprise Risk Management, Strategy and Innovation. Today, as a leader in Proactive Defense and Forward Defense, and at the request of its clients, Axon has now launched a boardroom level virtual CISO program and an AI cloud-based platform – Proactive Defense in a Box – that empowers executives working from home to have 24×7 cyber threat monitoring and defense, protected under congressional law. The platform provides liability relief by making certain information communicated, disallowed in the court of law and exempt from FOIA (under the cybersecurity Act 2015). Contact AxonInfo@Axoncyber.com for more information.