2020 May 19, Washington, D.C.

Axon Global reaffirms its financial strength to weather the COVID-19 storm. Israel Martinez, CEO of Axon announced, “We’re going on the record to reassure our customer base. Axon Global has a history of working in mission critical systems, critical infrastructure cyber warfare scenarios and disaster recovery. Therefore, it’s in our DNA to have prepared for this season, in every way – from people to process, technology and principles, but most of all financially. Our organization has $0 in debt, strong financials, and can sustain the unfortunate economic scenario playing out before us – while providing excellent support for our clients. While the rest of the world was finding ways to recruit and train more and more people in cybersecurity and risk management, we were researching and implementing methods that pull humans out of the cyber response equation. Thankfully, this strategy and 10+ years of investing in AI, automation and zero footprint models, have prepared us well. For us, this is a time to transfer our experience to our customers and help them through a very difficult time. We thrive in this environment.” See AxonCyber.com