2020 April 13, Washington, D.C.

Axon Global introduces new strategies to implement security and to manage cyber risk in the post COVID-19, Work From Home (WFH) environment. “On January 12th Axon Global communicated relevant cyber counterintelligence to the U.S. that was so compelling that Axon immediately implemented its Pandemic Crisis Management & Operations playbook. Axon has historically maintained a distributed, “zero footprint” technology and operations model since 2010, this combined with our experience participating in some of the most high profile crisis in the world for the last 10 years; innovative designs in IT solutions at the request of the White House to address Pandemic Flus such as H5N1 and Corona Virus; Our active participation in the only national exercise, mandated by Congress, for researching the impact of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has made our teams invaluable during this season. We have over a decade, head-start in understanding the operational, technological and social implications of the current environment.” stated Israel Martinez. After three months of testing in a real world environment, Axon and its affiliate companies are now systematically introducing its proprietary methods for adjusting risk tolerance, transfer and strategy to its client base across all industries.