Axon Global descended upon the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) with a team of cybersecurity experts ranging from 25 year veterans to millennials. “Our objective is to better understand how the world of IoT [internet of things] is going to impact the traditional corporate world of IT – including all of the benefits as well as the cybersecurity challenges inherent in that relationship,” stated Israel Martinez, Axon Global CEO. CES featured IoT embedded in technologies from self driving cars, to personal devices, to flying taxis. Hannah Norris, Human Resources Officer for Axon Global stated, “5G will empower IoT in ways no longer limited by our imagination. I believe the lines between IoT and AI [artificial intelligence] will disappear. I believe the traditional lexicon of ‘cybersecurity’ will disappear. We will shift to new concepts and terms like disruptive risk and resiliency.” The Axon Global Leadership team include world class experts in Cyber Risk Management, Strategy and Innovation from some of the best organizations in the world including Fortune 500; the former Dep. Asst. Secretary of Strategic Intelligence for the U.S. Secret Service Headquarters; Former CTO and CIOs; and a Chief General Counsel with commercial and criminal experience as a 12 year District Attorney and Criminal Prosecutor. All carry experience and credentials as Full Board Leadership Fellows with NACD©.